A Week in iphone Photos

Hello Friends, and welcome to, "A week at the Andrews" through my iphone. It's gonna be really exciting, so WATCH OUT! 
I mentioned in my last post how my camera was broken right? Well, it still is, so the iphone cam is how I'm rolling these days. 
Let's start with the pic above. A fun new activity for Tommy is to sit at my vanity and play with my make-up. Fun for him, not for me, but who am I to stop him from rolling up my lipsticks up into the tubes or applying a little blush? 

Bought myself some white Birkenstocks. Never thought I'd be a Birks kind of gal, but I needed a change from the regular flip flop for a little more support. I introduce you to my new "summer shoe." Yes, it feels a lot like summer around here, and I don't mean to rub that in, by the way. Now here's the best part. The cheapest I could find some white Birkenstocks was HERE. But who wants to pay $89. when they aren't sure if they want to commit? Me! So- mine are copies for $19.99 from HERE and I LOVE them, and my tired dancer feet love them too!

This sweet boy hasn't been feeling well. He's wearing "the cone of shame" in this picture, but I zoomed in real close so you can't see it because he's humiliated enough as it is! That's called dog owner respect! Love this boy. ( :

Per usual Mike is a huge help with Tommy. You know how they say to nap while your baby naps? Well, Michael has managed to figure out a way to nap while Tommy is awake! I don't know how does it!

Oh, and we eat! 
Flat bread with mushrooms, emmental & parmesan cheese (Courtesy of Trader Joe's)
Mixed green salad (Courtesy of me)
Blackberries and Havarti cheese for Tommy. What can I say? The kid has a sophisticated palate.
A glass of Savignon Blanc. THIS ONE, For me that is! 
$1.49 daffodils from Trader Joe's

Oh, and....I mean.... come on!  Check out that crooked smile! 
I couldn't love him more.
Have a nice weekend.

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