Valentine's Day

How was your Valentine's Day? Ours was nice and relaxing. I woke up with Tommy and the two of us made heart shaped, hug and kiss pancakes with eggs. It was a chilly morning, so we lit the table top fireplace (see here) and when Michael woke, we all sat down for a nice breakfast together.
Next,  Tommy and I went on a long walk and then headed to the park while Mike went out and got flowers for me and balloons for Tommy. The rest of the day we put together new furniture (FINALLY got some chairs for the table, and an entry way table) and I LOVE them! Post to follow about that, and the best part of all?
Michael and I had a Valentine's date! Some dear friends offered to babysit, and Mike and I went to a new restaurant for dinner. It was so nice to be out together. Just the two of us. 
Hope everyone has a beautiful day filled with love.

Tommy made his dad a Valentine's Day card, only to pick all the stickers off before handing it over!

Even Jake got a pancake!

And the balloons? A HUGE hit! Literally!
Have a great week everyone. ( :

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