Valentine's Day Photoshoot

Valentine's Day is a very special day in the Andrew household. It's the day Michael asked me to marry him, and February 14th was also our babies original due date, so it would only be fitting that Tommy's 1st photo shoot would be a Valentine's Day shoot!
I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous. I just didn't know how he would handle himself, but Sydney from Sydney Marie Photography assured me he would be adorable so I thought why not. Lets do this!

Sydney immediately made Tommy feel comfortable, which of course put ME at ease. She has a sweet, calmness about her that is ideal for children, and she had props! Props! I mean..... what toddler doesn't like props right? So, the kid was excited, and Sydney started snapping away. After what felt like 10 minutes max, she said,"Okay, I think I've got what I need. I thought....What? Really? Are you sure? Then Sydney asked me if I wanted to jump in for a few shots, and I was hesitant (you know, not too confident with how I was looking ) but I did, and we were off!

That night, Sydney sent me three shots, and I was thrilled! They were beautiful!!!! One was better than the next.
 I'm making Valentine's Day cards for family members and the only problem? I can't choose just one! Check out more of Tommy's Valentine's Day shoot at Sydney Marie Photography and help me decide.
If you are in the Orlando Area, Sydney is currently having a Valentines Day special. For just $40. you can do a 1/2 hour session with Sydney and believe me, that's a STEAL, and the special runs through February 15th! Sydney also does head shots, Business shots, family shots, senior shots, you name it.
Check out her sight HERE and give her a call!
or email

And those few mommy/Tommy shots I told you about? Check them out! I LOVE them so much and I will cherish these shots with my little Tommy forever.....
Thank you Sydney!

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