Valentine's Day Concert.... Tommy Takes the Stage!

Photo courtesy of Suzi McGuffin

Every year Michael does a public concert for Valentine's Day, and it's the best! It's outside, and people bring blankets, lawn chairs, candles, and a picnic dinner with Valentine's Day treats and lots of wine. It's the perfect place to bring family or a date and this year we decided to bring Tommy to see his dad perform for the very first time! We really didn't know how he would react, but there he was staring up at his dad and clapping with a huge smile. 
During the second song (Unforgettable) Michael asked Tommy if he would like to come up on stage, and without hesitation he ran up in front of a thousand people to be with his dad. People applauded when he stepped onto that stage, and so he returned the applause, which of course added to the cute factor along with a huge,"Awwwwwww," from the audience. He seemed to feel at home on that stage..... too at home, because before we knew it he was walking around going up to the musicians who were still trying to play. I ran up to grab him and made a quick exit backstage where a tantrum ensued and the screaming was louder than his father singing. I know this because everyone told me! He just couldn't understand why he couldn't be onstage. Probably not a good idea to bring him up so soon, because the rest of the two hours it's all he wanted to do, but it was a fun moment, and a memory we will never forget!

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Michael and I are having dinner at a new restaurant we haven't been to, and I'm so excited. Mostly to be out on a date with my favorite guy! Other than that, I'll be making a Valentine's Day breakfast. Heart shaped pancakes are on the list.
Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day filled with LOVE.

Photo courtesy of Bobby Brennan
Photo courtesy of Maxine Earhart