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Happy Friday everyone!
What are your plans for the weekend? We're supposed to get some cooler weather here in the sunshine state, and I can't wait. Cooler meaning mid sixties which equals perfection as far as weather goes. I know a lot of the country is FREEZING so I just need to rub that in a little bit. ( :
I'lll be with THIS guy who is getting bigger by the minute. Michael and I were just discussing the other day how overnight he seems to have gone from baby to little boy. Currently his fav past time is jumping on the bed and saying,"I did it!" Pretty much after EVERYTHING he does. Michael says he speaks in exclamation points and he's right. Every word is loud and full of excitement. Hopefully he can manage to keep this enthusiasm throughout his lifetime. 
Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend. Check out these links from around the web.....

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+ I might have to treat myself to this oversized scarf to stay toasty this winter.

+ I've made this winter soup twice this month and it's a BIG hit with both Michael AND Tommy.

+ Currently reading this book per Oprah's request

+ In case you missed the 2015 Oscar Nominees


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Regina Po said...

Your little man is perfect. I hope you are doing amazingly well (which according to your beautiful blog, you are!). As much as I'm LOVING getting to wear a whole new genre of clothes (getting to wear coats is like getting to wear 2 outfits at once!), I am beyond jealous of your mid-sixties forecast. We're supposed to get a snow storm tonight so my weekend plans of grocery shopping are put on hold.

Anyway, have a great weekend and take advantage of your perfect weather :)