Friday & My Album Cover!

 My album cover?! Really? Come on!
After much hesitation, I posted this "Selfie" on Facebook yesterday. Why hesitation you ask?  I don't thoughts went something like this. "What am I, sixteen with this selfie post!? Or....... "Will people think I'm just vain?" Anyway, after putting WAY TOO MUCH thought into it, I posted it because from a photography standpoint, I thought it was a good photo. The response I received? Overwhelming! People were asking me who the photographer was, which totally made my day! Well...... that and people telling me it was beautiful which will never get old for my 42 year old ego! The funny thing is, this picture was really just a fluke. The photography planets just seemed to align that day. Here is how it went down.

It was one of those days when I had time for a quick shower, but not makeup thanks to Little Lord Fauntleroy" AKA Tommy,  so I skipped the eye makeup altogether except for a little mascara which I NEVER do, and just put on BRIGHT lipstick. Mac Viva Glam to be exact! So, there I am sitting with my little buddy on the couch, the sun shining brightly through the window and we began to take selfies, because Tommy loves a good selfie of himself! We took the first picture, (him making faces of course) and I immediately noticed the forgiveness of that warm overexposed sunlight. Forgiveness on my wrinkles that is!

I've learned from my husband, who is a GREAT photographer (add that to the annoying list of things he does well) that overcast days are best for photography, but that bright sunshine became natures photoshop, and I just couldn't pass the opportunity up! So what did I do? Why I did what any loving mother would do. I shoved Tommy out of the shot which threw us both back to a laying position on the couch and while he squirmed on my lap I quickly took the shot, and BAM my album cover was born!
In my opiniion,  here is what makes THIS photo a great photo.

1. Overexposed lighting is very forgiving on wrinkles and imperfections. Take note anyone over 35! There are many photo filters that will give the same effect.
2. Contrast. The lightness of my hair against the darkness of the sofa and black shirt really makes this photo pop, as well as the contrast of my lips against my skin. The same will be true of a brunette against a bright white background.
3. Natural! Aside from that bright lipstick, this photo is very natural. Makeup is important, but you don't want to be too made up. Let the real YOU shine through.
4. Composition. From the angle of the face, to the texture of my hair laying just so, to the contrast of the light and dark is what makes up the composition of the photo, and EVERYONE has a flattering angle. Find it!

Because this photo was taken in a laying position, I had to rotate it to make it face front. Who would have known right?

Simple as that. I have a pretty expensive Canon, but this photo was taken with my iphone. Photography is not about the camera. A good camera will NOT make you a photographer. It's a combination of so many things. Look at photographs that you love and really study what makes them so appealing to your eye. Be creative and practice, practice, practice!
Have a great weekend everyone, and take a selfie, or two or three!

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