In Loving Memory of Cali Rae

My dear sweet beautiful Cali,
It has been two years since you took your last breath in my arms, and my love and loss for you is as strong as ever. 
You are missed more than you could ever know. Life continues to go on, yet there is not a day that goes by that you do not creep into my mind. I don't know how you do it, but I hope you always will. It must be the love I have for you that never leaves me. 

Your brother is growing big and strong, and I can't help but think you have your sweet little hand in all of it. I know he misses you too. Afterall, he knew you the longest. Your father and I continue to love eachother, and we make sure to love Tommy twice as hard in your absence. ( :

I still get frequent visits from butterflies, and I smile every time knowing there is a piece of you in each beautiful flutter. ( : 
This past week we had our early annual Florida family Christmas and your father and I felt it was the perfect time to do something special in your honor, so we brought everyone to a butterfly garden to release what else? Beautiful butterflies! It was magical, and everyone felt touched to be a part of it. I know you were there and felt the love because later that day, a beautiful  rainbow appeared over our house. It felt like it was YOU smiling down from Heaven saying....... thank you for thinking of me. ( : We did think of you Cali, and always will. We miss you and love you to eternity.

Love and peace,

A butterfly lights before us like a sunbeam, 
and for a moment its glory and beauty belongs to our world. 
But, then it flys on again, 
and although we wish it could have stayed, 
we feel blessed to have seen it.


pupbutt said...

So very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Sending love to Cali Rae and you all! xoxo

Bonnie O'Connell said...

What a special day it was. We all miss Cali and always will. There will be a spot in my heart for her
forever. Grandma