An Early Florida Christmas

With my side of the family all living up north, we started a new tradition where we have an early Christmas the first week of December in Florida. It's great for airline rates, gets everyone out of the cold and into the sunshine for a week and it's always a good time! 
There is no agenda. We like to fly by the seat of our pants around here! The "Christmas Vacation" usually starts with a few delayed flights, followed by relaxation, good food, and a visit or two to a theme park. When in Rome right? Some even take a chilly swim in the pool which is CRAZY to me, but when you live up north it's exhilerating I suppose! There is always plenty of chaos, with little cousins running around and the best part of all is having my whole family in one place. I'm sure my parents are in Heaven with their children AND grandchildren all under one roof for a whole week. My dream is to have Michael's whole side of the family join us one year.
Here are a few pics from the O'Connell, Witherspoon and Andrew family Christmas.
 Hope everyone has a lovely holiday with YOUR families. ( :

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