My "Sly" little Two Year Old

You are Two!
I mean how is that even possible? Happy Birthday little "T!" 
Two is a significant age. You have surpassed many preemie milestones with flying colors. Two years ago when you were lying in that incubator struggling to breathe, I would never have imagined the "sly little fox" you would become. A neighbor mentioned the other day that you have a mischievous little smile, and you do. I am hoping to stay one step ahead of you in life, but I'll admit it's going to be a challenge!

My heart just sings when you scream,"MOM," at the top of your lungs each morning when I enter your room. You blow me kisses, and sing and dance all day long. You point up to the sky at airplanes in awe, chase butterflies and pick flowers. Flowers that aren't intended to be picked, but we're working on that. Looking and smelling but not picking the flowers that is; but when you turn to me with such a proud smile and flower in hand, I must admit it's a hard rule to enforce. Perhaps there should be an exception to that rule for little boys who want to pick a flowers for their mothers. Yes, I think so!
You love to be outdoors, and can make anything as simple as picking up acorns or playing with rocks an adventure. Letters are kind of a big deal right now, and you know them all. No matter where we are, or what we're doing, you make sure to point out each and every letter we pass by. So proud of yourself you are. We're proud of you too. ( :

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Tommy! Keep embracing life with such gusto and you will a happy little camper for many years to come. Oh, and one last thing. Please feel free to skip the "terrible twos" stage. Seriously! It's no problem at all, We love you no matter what.

MOM! and Da-deeeeeeee

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