Life, Floaties and Trader Joe's

I call this "pool snacks.'

Life at the Andrew household has been jam packed! Little "T" continues to keep us busy, but I discovered the neighborhood swimming pool, so now he now takes 2-3 hour naps! Seriously! I take him for a few hours in the morning, then "BAM" it hits him like a ton of bricks and he's out!. More incentive to get a pool!
But seriously, check out my sweet little angel buoy boy! I just love this kid! I can't believe he's all mine to kiss and squeeze and I don't have to give him back! Ugh! Love him!
Are the floaties too over cautious? Naaaaa!

What else, what else.....
I managed to prime the kitchen, and can already tell I'm going to LOVE it. But I'm still torn about which white to use. White paint shades are tough. How could there be so many whites?

The BEST news right now? Drum roll please. My dream table is DONE! Thank you to my sweet husband who always makes my dreams come true. I'm devoting an entire blog to the table because it's THAT AMAZING!
Check out this sneak peek pic.

And the biggest news? The opening of Central Florida's first Trader Joe's! It actually opened a few weeks ago, but seeing how people are driving from hours away (I know crazy), to stock their carts, I thought I'd relax and wait for the excitement to die down. It hasen't really, but I finally conquered it the other night!
My review?
I was a bit underwhelmed. The Trader Joe's in NJ are big and beautiful. Yes, once again Jersey rules! This Trader Joe's is a bit small and annoyingly crowded. But don't get me wrong. I'll take it! The organic produce, flowers, prices and  Cookie Butter will keep me a loyal customer.

That's about it for now. Time to get little "T" all suited up for pool time. Hope everyone has a great week, and thanks for your patience with my sporatic posts. I really do appreciate everyone who follows Free to be Lea.


Regina said...

I journeyed to a TJs in Manhattan at 6pm the other day and found myself in the middle of a series of tiny battles (who gets the last bottle of yogurt or who is standing in front of who in line etc.) - I'm surprised I didn't get punched in the face for wearing my gym bag and taking up extra space. I understand your pain with the crowd. :]

Lea said...

So great to hear from you! Hope you are loving New York! You look great and seem happy! XO

Mama Up! said...

Pretty sure my dad is gonna be one of those FLians driving two hours to get to the TJs... for cookie butter :)