Summer Style

Sun Dial KIMONO from $24.50
Summer has officially arrived in Florida. 
Last week we were in the upper 90's, which means it's time to crank the AC, break out the summer wardrobe and enjoy a little fun in the sun.
 Every year I buy a few summer staples. A new bathing suit, summer dress, some fun summer wedges, and whatever is trending at the time. This summer, kimonos seem to be THE thing! 
Now here's the thing about me. When it comes to a forever purchases, I'll research them to death and pay top dollar, but when it comes to a fad I don't. "Fads" are short lived and chances are you won't wear it the following year anyway. I like to find something cheap yet chic that I can wear out, and then throw out! 
Here are a few of my 2014 summer staples that won't break the bank. 

I like to have a high wedge because I'm short, but also a sandal for everyday. THIS sandal from Target is comfy and the "boho" print is what sold me. I love a little "boho" touch. THIS wedge from Lucky 21 makes me as tall as I am in my dreams, AND they don't hurt! Huge bonus! Sandal price- $19.99. Wedge price- $20.99

I saw THIS suit from ASOS and fell in love. It's so different and allso happens to be my favorite color. I know, I know crazy tan lines, but it's so worth it. The price- $34.30 for the top, and $26.68 for the bottoms. ASOS has FREE shipping which makes the slightly higher price tag worth it.

And lastly, THIS cute summer dress from Necessary Clothing, comes in a variety of colors. I chose the mint color on the model above. It's chic yet comfortable. I'm all about comfortable! Ready for the price? $19.99!

What are some of YOUR summer staples? I'd love to hear. Especially if it comes at a great price.
Happy Summer!

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