Life and Links

Life has been busy which is not surprising with a toddler who is nonstop, and the many home projects going on at Chez Andrew. Example above. These are just half of the 75 Tiki mugs I handwashed from Michael's Tiki collection!
This weekend my goal is to prime the kitchen so I can FINALLY paint it! Michael has been working hard in the Florida heat, making my "dream farm table" from reclaimed wood. It feels like Christmas  and I can't wait to have my first REAL dinner party to celebrate! 

My DREAM TABLE that Mike is basing his creation on. Ours will be a bit more rustic but will follow this design. 

Just bought THESE pants in charcoal. How could I not? They're called "LEA pants!"

Another thing on my agenda this weekend is THIS movie. I hear it's fantastic!

Want beachy hair for the summer? Check out this home made SEA SALT SPRAY  from the Free People Blog.

Too hot to cook? Check out these 25, EASY NO COOK RECIPES over at Real Simple.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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