Tommy you are 18 months (15 adjusted) and lately, this is my view of you. You are joyously running through life and we couldn't be more thrilled. Everything is so exciting that sometimes you just stop dead in you tracks, scream at the top of your lungs, look at me, smile and carry on. I can't get over your energy. I mean.... if I could bottle it, I'd be a millionaire! 

You're quite talented. Already an escape artist, you have made your way out of the dog door and can almost reach the door knobs. I see a lot of safety devices in your future. Slamming doors is one of your all time favorite things to do which is fine with me. Get it all out of your system before you're a teenager! 
Other favorite past times include....

-opening up the air conditioning vents
-throwing EVERYTHING in the trash
-shutting the baby gate 
-pressing buttons in dads recording studio. (Dad isn't thrilled about this one)
-doing puzzles and reading your books
-kissing yourself in the mirror
-emptying the dishwasher
-Turning the cable box on and off
-playing in the wood chips at the park
-playing the piano
-throwing EVERYTHING from the bathroom drawers into the tub
-giving opened mouthed kisses
-lounging in your new chair

Jake is your little protector and is never far behind.  He's fine with the fact that his water bowl kind of lives on the kitchen counter now so you don't dump it over, and that you've made his food bowl one of your toys. He knows he can count on you to drop food from your highchair, so all is forgiven. He's a little scared of you, but loves you regardless. 
You have mastered the Apple TV remote, and Sesame Street is STILL your all time favorite show. You have 10 teeth, and LOVE to eat. 
You say,"Mom, yum, ba ba, hi and eeeeeeeeee which I have figured out means YES! 
And lastly and most importantly, your father says you "get" comedy, which is extremely important in life and in this house! 
We love you T! Keep growing!

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