Saturday Selfie

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. 
Mine was full with 2 days of rehearsal, walks to the park with Mike and Tommy, a trip to the Farmers Market for produce and pasteries, a date night at our favorite restaurant and "Blue Jasmine," which is a MUST if you haven't seen it. I'm also enjoying THIS book which came highly recommended by Tiffany over at Savor Home. Check her blog out HERE. It's great! 
Did everyone remember to turn their clocks ahead? I was a little worried how Tommy would handle it, but he handled it like a champ! Slept in 1 hour later, AND still took his naps just 1/2 hour later, and managed to make it to bed on time. That's my boy!

What are you plans this week? I'll be on the hunt for the PERFECT "white" paint. My kitchen is getting a fresh makeover and unless you're familiar with how many "whites" are out there, you couldn't undersand the challenge I have ahead of me. Recommendations would be appreciated. GO!
Have a great week!

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