Saturday Selfie

This is the first of a series I'm starting on Free to be Lea called "Saturday Selfie! 
I've been wanting to add a weekend post to FTBL for a long time. 
Mainly because I can never get my act together to do a Friday post, and also because most bloggers take the weekend off, so I thought it would be a fun idea to post a selfie, and catch up on life.

The love a good "Selfie." Facebook and Instagram are inundated with them! I used to laugh at selfies. Well...... I still do laugh at a lot of them, but I'll admit, there's nothing more fun or forgiving than an iphone, and some good lighting! So "Saturday Selfie" it is! Promise not to EVER do the selfie lips though. Well........ maybe. ( :


Let's see,... life lately? Pretty chill yet incredibly busy! Mike is gigging and arranging music nonstop while being the BEST dad in the universe, and I'm choreographing my first show (Hello Dolly) since getting pregnant 2 years ago, and all while chasing after Tommy who is walk, walk, walking all over the place! Life is good and the weather has been beautiful. Tonight? The Oscars!
Hope everyone has a great week.

1 comment said...

That all sounds lovely and I think lovely people like you (also happy, real people like you) should probably take more selfies!