Five Friday Favs

This week has flown by, yet I feel like I didn't accomplish ANYTHING! I have great intentions, but usually end up accomplishing half of my list. Most of it's stuff I HAVE to do rather than WANT to do. There inlies my procrastionation problem!
I did manage to pick up some white swatches to paint my kitchen. I've narrowed it down to two different whites and painted two huge swatches on the wall. Now I'll have to stare at them morning, noon and night to see which one is the winner. Pic's to come!

Want a great everyday Pinot Noir under $10? Try Mirassou. Ever since the movie "Sideways" Pinot Noir has taken the world by storm, but a decent Pinot will cost you. 
Mirassou is smooth, fruity, and perfect alone or with dinner. Best of all? It won't break the bank, which is great if you drink as much wine as I do. Did I say that? 

Check out this little project my buddy Tommy and I are doing. He received this little pot, dirt and cucumber seeds in a goodie bag from a birthday party with directions for planting and growing a cucumber. Cute idea right? We planted his, put it on the windowsill and check it everyday. So far? Nothing! I'll keep you posted! 

Thanks to Passover, Streit's Macaroons are back on the shelves! One word...... YUM! I've already gone through a can of the coconut and am onto this can of chocolate nut browni! Do yourself a favor and get 'em while you can.

Did you take advantage of the 3 month deal from Groupon for Nature Box? 
I'm on my second month of snacks which are healthy and deeeeeeeeeeeeeelish! Check it our HERE. There are tons of snacks to choose from and receiving your Nature Box in the mail feels a bit like Christmas! Well..... kinda.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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