Love Day 2014

I think I've mentioned before that Valentine's Day is a very special day in the Andrew house. It's the day Michael and I were engaged, and also the original due date of our babies. 
Since Tommy was born, we haven't had many "dates," but some dear friends offered to babysit on Valentine's Day, so we decided to take them up on it!
I woke up early that morning with Tommy to bake some Nutella swirled banana bread to start the morning off right. We ate it warm topped with nutella. Heaven! See the recipe HERE.

This little Valentine wrapped helped wrap his gift for his dad. Stickers and all! Did I mention he's walking? Eeeek!

Michael took me to an awesome restaurant a friend of his opened called MAXINE'S. It had a very New York village downtown feel and couldn't have been more perfect. Great food, wine pairings and live music. Orlando friends you MUST check it out. Click the MAXINE"S link above for details. It's my new fav place!

Surf and Turf, Crab cakes, cheese cake and red velvet cake dessert hearts.

After dinner we went to see this movie. See it! It's GREAT! Christian Bale is unrecogizable there are a bunch of Oscar worthy performances!

Our Valentine's Day date wouldn't have been possible without our dear friends to watch Tommy. We made them this gift basket because they wouldn't accept $$$$! They LOVE their 3 dogs, so we thought it would be perfect, and I also baked them a Nutella swirl bread.

And finally, the BEST Valentine I have EVER received. The cast of "Hello Dolly" I am working with, made me this special Valentine's Day card that everyone signed with a special note. It was so touching and I will cherish it forever! 

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