2014 Resolutions

This was me last night! 
Drinking a nice bottle of MOET alone. That's what happens when you have a husband with a sinus infection and a baby! I swore I could get through the whole bottle, but got tired after a few glasses. 

The night was pretty chill. I made swiss cheese fondue, and we watched a movie. A cute movie actually called "The Way, Way Back." I then turned to "New Years Live in Time Square," to see that famous crystal ball drop. Been there done that one! In college my roomates and I decided to give it a go. We ventured to NYC to see that famous ball drop in person. It was not as fun as it looks on tv. Cold, people pushing, and NOWHERE to go to the bathroom! I'd much rather be on my cozy couch with my husband and dog, while my precious son sleeps in the next room! Okay, but this is where it gets completely lame! At about 11:45pm I turn to Michael and say,"I feel like a loser, but I can't keep my eyes up one more second! I think I have to go to bed! Is that bad?!" To which he says,"No." I mean who misses watching the ball drop right? Well...... I did! Happy New Year everyone!

My 2014 Resolutions...
1. Get my pre baby bod back. Seriously though! I'm not messing around anymore. It's not that I can't fit into my jeans, but I am determined to get my dancer abs back. Gonna do it. Seriously! Just wait!
2. Read more. With a baby, I can't even get through a magazine most of the time, but I read an entire book the other night in one sitting! Felt amazing! I can do it, and I will!
3. Get more organized. This is a day to day struggle. I long for the day where I can sit and relax and not think about cleaning out my closet AGAIN. Doing this one too. I mean it!
4. Spend more time with friends. Since having Tommy, I have put my social life on the back burner. My son is FIRST and always wil be, but now that he turned 1, I feel like we're out of the storm. He's happy, healthy, and thriving, and mamas going OUT! 
5. Go on more dates with Michael. See above! ( :
6. Finish thank you cards. Sounds crazy, but I STILL have thank you cards to write friends who were so kind to us when our babies were born, and when Cali passed away. They DESERVE a nice thank you! I can write 2 a night. Done!
7. Eat healthier. This goes without saying. 
8. Blog more. Gotta document life!
9. Take more pictures. Someday I just might turn it into a biz!
10. Make a dream come true!

Happy 2014 Everyone!


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Good list! Here's to checking all those off your list this year, you can do it!!

Nicole Marie said...

hahah aww nyc solo. i didn't even make it till 11pm and spent the evening watching rain man with my parents wirh brie and apples! didn't even break out the Champagne! happy new year!