A Florida Christmas

This year we had an early Christmas in Florida with my side of the family. My parents and brother came in from New Jersey, and my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew from Maryland. I got to meet my 4 month old niece for the first time, and Tommy got to meet his two cousins!
It was so nice to be together. The trip involved Disney World, bowling, hula hooping, swimming, a beautiful walk in Leu Gardens and lots and lots of eating! I'm REALLY hoping it becomes a yearly tradition. I'm sure it was nice for everyone to be out of the cold for a week, and it sure was nice for us to see everyone!

Before everyone arrived, I made sure to have a decorated tree, 11 stockings hanging on the fireplace, and 3 batches of Christmas cookies. We has Christmas dinner (filet mignons wrapped in bacon, potatoes, a big salad, grilled corn, rolls and a nice Pinot Noir) the night before everyone left, and then opened our gifts.
Will, Tommy and Veronica. (Cousin LOVE)!
Swinging with grandpa was a special treat!

Thank you to my family for making the trip to sunny Florida!
The ultimate Christmas would be to have Michaels whole side of the family too! Maybe next year?!

Merry (early) Christmas everyone!

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pupbutt said...

So great! Merry Christmas to you all!