Tommy's 1st Birthday Party

Tommy's 1st Birthday is this Wednesday the 20th, so yesterday we decided to throw him his first Birthday party! We invited his 3 little friends Stratton, Ben and Lucy, his NICU nurse Judy, and his Uncle Bobby. The theme was Elmo, because he ADORES Elmo! We made it simple and colorful and most importantly all about him! 

He played with his friends in his new teepee!

Had his first cupcake!

and REALLY enjoyed it!

Opened presents!

and TOTALLY lucked out!

Took his first group shot. Gotta have at least one cryer!

He sported his snazzy new outfit from his cousin Andrea.

And sent his friends home with a cool goodie bag! 

Hope you enjoyed your 1st Birthday Party Tommy! We love you! XO

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