Thanksgiving Tree

We had a low key Thanksgiving this year. Both Michael and Tommy have colds, so we decided to stay home.
The day before we took Tommy to pick out his first Christmas tree so we could spend Thanksgiving relaxing, eating and trimming the tree. I know, who trims a tree ON Thanskgiving? Well, we have family coming into town on the 1st for an early Christmas, and wanted them to arrive to a fully decorated Christmas tree! It was actually really fun trimming the tree while stuffed and lazy from turkey dinner. I don't know if we'll do it again, but it feels good to already have the tree up, and my house smells like a fresh pine. Nothing better to get you in the spirit!

The best way to pick out a tree? 


TASTE IT......

And JUMP UP AND DOWN when you find the right one!

Hope everyone has a good Black Friday. Me? I'll be staying IN! I did all my shopping online this year. You couldn't pay me to go out there!
Have a great weekend!


pupbutt said...

Love it!! Get better, boys!! And a most wonderful holiday season to you all! :) Thanks again for singing with me, Michael!! It was awesome!

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

We always do it the day after, except this year we were away and so didn't get to it until today. And I have no dang camera so we couldn't even document the process. It was a little haphazard with me and P. decorating and the mister running baby interference most of the time...still nice, though.