The Move (Chapter 5)

Life is about timing. 
The lease on my apartment was up in January 2006, and my building was going co-op! Michael and I had been dating for a year and the next logical step was for one of us to move near the other. Michael had owned his home in Orlando for 15 years, so it made sense for me to move to Florida. I'd been in New York for almost 8 years, and I was more than ready. I had accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish as a dancer and most of my choreography work was taking me out of New York anyway. So, goodbye New York!  I was ready for some Florida sunshine!

Mike and I rented a U-Haul truck, and took a roadtrip to move me, Jake and my life to Florida!  I can remember driving out of the city and just feeling so content, knowing this was the right thing to do and the next exciting chapter of our lives together. Michael did everything he could to welcome me. One of the first things he showed me was a large closet he had cleaned out in the bedroom for me. I was just so excited to be there. He has the coolest house and this was going to be fun, and Jake (did I mention Mike had a dog Bongo) fit in just fine too!

So life went on. I loved Florida, and actually saw friends and family pretty often. I mean, who doesn't want to come visit the warm weather AND take a trip to Disney at the same time? I started doing choreography projects around town, but also traveled to work as well. One time when I was choreographing a show in Colorado for a few weeks, Mike surprised me when I returned by turning our dining room into a dance studio, complete with floor to ceiling mirrors, a ballet barre, blown up photos of me dancing in different shows, and even a chandelier! And we used it a lot! I taught Mike tap in that studio. To this day he can do a mean timestep! Ask him. He'll do it for you! 

 2006 was also the first year Michael added dancers to his Christmas show (The Park Avenue Dancers) and I choreographed and danced in the show. It was a dream. I mean....who gets to perform with their husband and his 18 piece big band? Do you know what it's like dancing with an 18 piece big band behind you? Again, I'll use the word, AMAZING!

 2006 was ta huge success! The move was a amart one, and I didn't miss New York one bit! Waking up to the sunshine everyday was easy to get used to!  Life was good.

Tune in Tomorrow for (Chapter 6) The Engagement!

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