The Engagement (Chapter 6)

February in Florida is one of my favorite times of the year. It's chilly (I love cold weather) and Michael  usually has a big Valentine's Day concert.  For years Michael and his band Swingerhead had a Valentine's Day show at an outdoor venue called Leu Gardens.  People would bring lawn chairs, and a picnic dinner, complete with wine and candles. Seeing all those flickering candles in the audience when the sun went down was beautiful! It was the perfect setting for a romantic date. I always wished he were sitting with me as opposed to being on stage!

It was the day before Valentine's Day 2007, and Michael's parents were visiting. Mike said he and his parents were going out for a bit. I figured they were going to pick up flowers or something for the following day. The next day (Valentine's Day) Michael came upstairs and said he wanted to exchange gifts. 

Here's where it gets a little comical. My gift to him? A red, faux suede, down blanket. The reason? Michael is ALWAYS cold! His body temperature is even low. It's 96.8! Every time he goes to the doctor it gets lower! I thought the blanket would be a cute idea. You know ........he can sit on the couch with it to warm him up, and it's RED, cozy, from ME for Valentine's Day. You get the picture.

He opens it sort of smiling and underwhelmed, then tells me to sit on the sofa and close my eyes. I sit, shut them, and he says,"Ok, open them!" In front of me is the most beautiful sparkling diamond and Michael on his knee! He asks me to marry him, but I barely hear him because I was just staring at that beautiful sparkling diamond in front of me! Without hesitation of course I said,"YES!"

Now here's the thing. It wouldn't have mattered if that diamond was 1/4 carat, or 10 carats. The setting wouldn't have mattered or anything. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, who cares? That's how much I loved him. And I mean that! I know women who pick out their own ring, or have a friend tell their boyfriend which ring they want. I could never imagine doing that. How is that love? That ring represents his love for you. BUT, that ring was so ME, it's as if I picked it out myself. 

So there you have it! That's the story of our engagement. 
Just the two of us. Just the way I like it!
Michael knows I don't like attention on me, and would have been uncomfortable if he made some BIG public proposal in front of people. Even though I've spent a lot of my life onstage, in real life that's just not me. It was perfect. And the best part? That day Mike said he and his parents were going out for a bit? He took them with him to help pick out my ring. I just LOVE that! I love the fact that he wanted his parents to be a part of it.

Valentine's Day has ended up being a very special day to us. Not only was it the day we were engaged, but it's also the day our babies were due.
And to this day, we still laugh about the fact that I got an engagement ring and he got a blanket. But guess what? He still uses that blanket!

Night of Engagement. Valentine's Day 2007

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