Our Love Story (Chapter 1)

New Orleans 2005
Look at these two kids? Well, maybe not kids but this photo WAS taken when we started dating 8 years ago!
 October 21st is our 6 year anniversary, so I thought the week leading up, it would be fun to reminisce and tell the world how it all began.

The year was 2004. The setting? New York City.
I was living in NY during my dancing days, and worked weekends at a supper club called Swing 46. I was the door girl (I like to say "bouncer"), meaning I collected the cover charge. One particular night, Michael popped in with a mutual friend (Sarah) who introduced us. If you were to ask Michael, he'd say it was love at first sight for him, and that I wasn't the least bit interested.(( The truth? I was dating someone at the time, the door was busy, and why was I going to date someone from Orlando anyway? I mean Orlando seemed like worlds away to me.
I remember Sarah saying to me,"It doesn't matter that he lives in Orlando. If he likes you, he'll fly to see you EVERY weekend or fly you to Orlando to see him!" She said,"You guys would be perfect for each other. He's a singer, and he's amazing! He was even the band leader at The Rainbow Room here in NY."
 Apparently, he was "kind of a big deal" during the Swing resurgance, but....... like I said, I was dating someone at the time. 

Cut to 6 months later. I'm now single, and IN walks Michael Andrew to Swing 46 for a little soup before he's off to sing at Lee Iacocca's Birthday Party. We chat for a bit and I think....... wow! I like this guy! So I walk up to Sarah who is now ALSO working at Swing 46 and say,"You know your friend Michael Andrew? Well he seems really cool, and I think I WOULD like to go out with him." Sarah relays the message, Michael calls me, and we set a date a few weeks later for Michael to fly into town to take me to dinner. The date was to be December 26th. The day after Christmas. Little did I know what an important date it would be.
The weeks leading up to our date we chatted on the phone every night. One of the perks of NOT living in the same city was that we spent a lot of time on the phone. The conversations are incredibly easy, and that's how we REALLY got to know each other.
Tune in tomorrow for "The First Date!" It gets pretty steamy people!

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pupbutt said...

So awesome!!! I can't wait to hear the rest of it!! So happy for you both and that sweet little boy, Tommy!! What an awesome story! :)