My Place (Chapter 3)

Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.
— Nora Roberts
We take a cab up to my place in Washington Heights. Love the attention "The Heights" has gotten by the way since I left NY!

We enter my apartment and are greeted by my new puppy Jake. Michael bends down, grabs him and is laying on the floor playing with him. I look at him and can't believe how good he is with dogs. Thank god he is a dog person! Does it get better? Yes! He checks out my apartment and remarks on how we have very similar taste. Perfect! We never have to compromise on decor! We sit on the couch and watch a little tv. Talk mostly. Then naturally, VERY naturally we share our first kiss. I won't go into detail, but it was nice. Perfect really. I had been waiting for that kiss for weeks! We spend the next 3 days and nights in my apartment and just to make it very clear, we DO NOT sleep together. Michael was a gentleman from the start, and I never moved fast. Take it from me ladies. It works! I think we both had our eye on the prize and neither of us wanted to blow it.

We spend the next 3 days talking, laughing, ordering food, playing with Jake and hitting the corner diner for breakfast. We worked too. Mike was working on a symphony arrangement of "Serenade in Blue," and I was working on choreography for the USO Show Troupe to "Sing, Sing, Sing." There was this moment when I went into the bedroom where Mike was working and told him I was blocked and couldn't think of another step. Without hesitation he says,"What?! No prob. put on the music and I'll give you a few ideas." So there he is dancing around the room to "Sing, Sing, Sing," one move funnier than the next. I'm laughing hysterically. Did I mention he's funny? I mean funny! Funny is important. Humor can get you through just about anything in life. Another reason I know this guy is going to be my husband. I remember watching him dance around that room with absolutely no inhibitions. Lets face it, that's confidence, and who isn't attracted to that? He finishes his dance, and with a completely straight face says,"Ok, use whatever you want." 

One night Mike suggests we rent a movie. We rent "Napolean Dynamite." He's seen it, but I haven't. Of course I love it! He later tells me it was a sort of test. Meaning he was hoping I would be the kind of girl who would like it. Thankfully I pass.

The 3 days fly by, and Mike heads back to Orlando and I can't wait until I can see him again. 
We date long distance for the next year, and guess what? Sarah was right! Michael DID fly to New York to see me whenever he was free, or flew Jake and I to Orlando. 

Tune in tomorrow for (Chapter 4) The Courting Stage! It was fabulous. Tons of pics!

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Ashley said...

So cute! Napolean Dynamite for the win!