First Date (Chapter 2)

July 2005 Blue Martini, Orlando Florida
December 26th 2004 was a crisp sunny day. The perfect day for a first date. You know, a good hair day!
Michael was flying into town to pick me up after work to take me to dinner. As I got off the subway on my way to work, I gave him a quick call to make sure he arrived safely. When he answers, he tells me he's arrived and is in the process of checking into the Chelsea Hotel. Chelsea Hotel? I thought he was crashing at Sarah's because she was out of town. So I say,"What are you doing at the Chelsea Hotel? He says,"Long story! Sarah gave me the WRONG key and I can't get into her place!"
A million things were rushing through my mind. I think to myself, this guy has just spent money to fly to New York to take me out, and now he's having to pay for a hotel for 3 nights in New York City?!  So, without thinking, I say,"Well, do you want to just stay at my place?"
Oh no! I've blown it! He thinks I'm easy! Cricket, cricket, cricket. Did I really just say that?!"
More silence. Then he says,"Really? I mean........ that's so nice of you." I say,"Sure!" I mean I had a large 2 bedroom apartment, and was currently between subletters so I was living alone with a room to spare. Why not right? We always said we'd NEVER tell our kids that part of the story mind you!
He says,"Great! See you soon."

In he walks. I have butterflies. I can't remember exactly what he was wearing, but he had on a "top coat" and I thought he looked sharp.  I was wearing black pants, black boots, and a gray ballet sweater. Not that it's important, but it's crazy how you can remember silly things when it's an important time in your life. We have a quick drink and head out to dinner. The restaurant? I can't remember. I was only seeing him and having the time of my life. He ordered the snapper, I had the salmon, and of course we had a few drinks. I can't remember exactly what we spoke about, but I remember it was just SO EASY, like I'd known this person my whole life. I wasn't worried if I had food in my teeth, or if my lipstick was in place. I wasn't worried about anyting! I could completely be myself. There was a moment (as Oprah would say, an AHA moment) when I was looking at him and thinking to myself. Oh my gosh, I can't believe it! I'm going to marry this man! I just knew it. I'd never felt so sure about anything. You know when people say to you that when you meet the right person, you'll just know? Well..... it's true! You do. You just know.
We finished dinner and walked out arm in arm to hail a cab to my place. The city sparkled with HUGE white snowflakes falling from the sky. It didn't seem real, but it was! This adventure had just begun, and even though I didn't know what to expect, I knew I had met my soulmate.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow when we arrive at my place!


Sarah said...

I LOVE it!! See that's fate :)

I was in Florida riding in the car with my parents when I got the call from Michael. I could picture him there at Christmas, in the snow, freezing after spending $100 on a cab to get to Brooklyn from the airport. So excited to go out with his dream girl. And my heart was in my stomach. He said there were no hotels. I felt like the worst kind of heel.

Then he called back and said he was going to stay with you. He was nervous as well as that wasn't how he planned it.
I remember my Mom looking at me in the car and just saying "Oh no Sarah". Poor Michael. Boy, Sarah, you better hope this works out"....And then there was silence.
And then I waited for the report...
Which is your next chapter. XOXO

Tina said...

Can you write my vows lol. When I went on my first date with Alex on July 26 2010 in NYC....we could not stop talking. Spent most of the night laughing and chatting a storm. I went to a wedding the following weekend and my friend (The Bride) noticed I was glowing. As I drove back to NYC home at the time. I called him and asked if he like to come over and stay. We can chill and watch good 80 flicks. It was complete silence too!!! I thought "Oh shoot I am easy" Then he said "Yeah sounds fun" Well lets just say it went very well. Well four years later from the day we first met/date we plan to wed on July 26 2014. Go figure!! I think your story should be turned into a book. I really enjoyed this blog!!