When is the last time you were on a swing?
Florida is so hot in the summer that we don't spend a lot of time outside, but around 6 o'clock this week, we decided to take Tommy to the park at the end of our street. He's still too small even for the kiddie swing, but he LOVED it! So, then I hopped onto the regular swing and put him on my lap and weeeeeeeeeeee! He loved it even more! But guess who loved it the most? Me! I can't remember the last time I was on a swing and it was heaven! What a freeing feeling to be soaring through the air.
Must be what flying feels like.
So....... I've made up my mind. Tommy has to have a swing, and I think I have to have one too!


Sarah Hayes said...

Lea!! This is awesome!! I cannot believe how big Tommy is. I love your blog! XO

Lea said...

Thanks Sarah! Love you and miss YOU! XO

pupbutt said...

This is AWESOME!! Not only are these pics precious, but you told the story of why swings were and will always be my favorite part of a park!!! When I was a kid and had to go to Catholic mass, I was "famous" for "mis-hearing" what was said; the best one was as follows. I was SOOOO mad at Jesus when I heard that he took away the "swings" of the world!!!! (aka: Take away the "sins" of the world) I still can see the visualization in my head of him in his robe w/rope belt and sandals...ushering crying kids off the playground and taking away the swings...ahh...our waxy eared youth!!! ;) Love your blog!! xoxo

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Such cute pics!