Sweet Child of Mine

Dear Sweet Child of Mine, Baby Boy, Tommy Boy, Tico, Bird, Tommy Tune, Tommy Bahama, Mr. T, simply.... T, My Love, and any other terms of endearment I might call you!
Yesterday you turned 10 months (7 adjusted) and I can't help but think about all the things I love about you. So here are my current 10 for 10 months!

~ #10 Lets start with the pacifier you handle like a cigarette. Must get that from Grandpa Don. Very smooth!

~#9 I appreciate the fact that you know what you want. You made it loud and clear that you DO NOT like sweet peas. I think the whole neighborhood knows that you don't like sweet peas. You tell 'em!

~#8 Your baby talk is entertaining. I have no idea what you're saying, but YOU do, and you're confident with those little baby words!

~#7 That coy smile you give to Norah Jones when she is on TV with Elmo in your favorite episode of Sesame Street shows me how you will smile at the first girl you have a crush on. I can't take it!

~#6 The entertainment you get from my measuring cups, spoons and funnels makes me smile and also makes me realize that for the most part baby toys are pretty unnecessary!

~#5 I laugh everytime you stick your face right up to the monitor when you get up from your nap. Gets me everytime!

~#4 I love watching you half crawl. You are so determined. If you want something, you will crawl, drag yourself, roll, whatever to get there. Nice work!

~#3 My favorite sound in the world is your laughter. Especially when dad is being silly!

~#2 I love your curiosity. The fact that you have to grab everything in your path is impressive and a great way to learn. The steak knives from the butcher block make mom a little nervous though!

~And the #1 thing I am currently loving about you, is the way you grab my face and try to kiss me with your open mouthed baby kiss! Ugh! I die!


courtneyricole said...

So sweet! I promise your list will just keep growing! :)

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Love that elvis hair in the last pic, soo cute!

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

LOVE lists like this :) Makes me find even more things to appreciate about my kids.

Also, awesome hair!