Mommy Lifesavers

Hi everyone. A few months ago I did a post on "My Mommy FAVS." See HERE
Now that Tommy is 6 months old (adjusted that is) his needs are different. When you're a mother, anything that makes life easier, buys you time, and keeps your little one happy is key!  So, I decided to share a few things that make my life easier, and keep Tommy happy. And if Tommy's happy, I'm happy!

1. Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper.  I said I'd never do it! I said I'd never have baby stuff in the middle of my house. Well..... I've done it! This Baby Einstein Jumper is sitting right in the middle of my family room! Why? Because Tommy loves it, and it keeps him occuppied long enough for me to cook dinner, answer e-mails or whatever. It's GREAT!
2. The Indestructible Book. Tommy has a ton of books, but at 6 months,  all he wants to do is grab them  and put it in his mouth! My BFF Tash got him a few of these Indestructible Books and they are ingenious! They're water-proof, tear resistant, and baby-durable! You can even wash them. Amazing! Oh, and they meet the ASTM safety standards.
3. Aiibe Beyond High Chair. While shopping for a good (safe) high chair, I couldn't believe the size that high chairs are now. Everything in society has gotten bigger including a high chair! I mean...... HUGE! I don't live in a mansion, and didn't want some plastic monstrosity in my kitchen! The leg span alone on high chairs takes up so much space now. I mean.... were high chairs constantly falling over? No! I'm sure a few did so now every company has to meet some safety standard. This Aiibe Beyond High Chair is not only great for small spaces, it's eco friendly, grows with your child from baby to adult, and the dark wood goes with my kitchen! 
4. Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer. Anyone who has a baby knows that their nails are like mini razor blades. If you don't keep up on them, they constantly scratch their faces. Sure they make the mitts for babies, but mine certainly doesn't want to wear those. Who wants sweaty mittens on in Florida?! I didn't have much luck with clippers. Filing them was easier, but Tommy hated it! Then I found the Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Trimmer! This oscillating nail trimmer is a lifesaver! I no longer worry about cutting him, and it does the job in 2 seconds. It's not cheap ($30.) but this is a perfect example of you get what you pay for! Love it!
5. Graco Snugrider Elite. The Snap and Go stroller frame is seriously one of the best inventions ever! It transforms your infant carseat into a stroller like that! No need to take the baby out of their carseat. Just snap it into the frame and go. Buckling a baby into their carseat is a task in itself, and this keeps you from having to do that more than once. I can't think of a better system when traveling on an airplane. Use the Snap and Go to wheel your baby throug security and the airport, and then check (for free) the frame, carseat and base at the gate. Perfect! Every company now makes a Snap and Go for their carseats. Check them out.
6. Munchkin Arm and Hammer Disposible Changing Pads. These little babies have saved me many loads of laundry. Especially having a boy. Lets face it, they pee. These disposible changing pads are also great for "Blowouts!" I cut them in half and lay them on top of my changing pad. Total lifesavers!


courtneyricole said...

Don't worry, the days of large baby items in your house are not many! :) Those activity jumpers are the best!

I love that high chair!

Lea said...

Thanks Courtney!