Vision Board

This week while cleaning out a leather trunk in Tommy's Nursery, I came across this "Vision Board" I made about 3 years ago. For those of you who don't know what a Vision Board is, it's a collage of images of things you want in your life. Creating a Vision Board is a fun and creative way to become clear of your dreams and desires and transforming them into reality.

Mine was fun to look at, and I was pretty amazed at the image right smack in the middle of my vision board! A woman holding a baby! I guess my wish came true. Aside from that were pictures to return to Italy and Bora Bora (I still will), images for living a "greener" life (I do) and a few photos in the lower right hand corner about wanting my husbands show to make it to NYC. That also is close to coming true. Slowly but surely! The only thing I'm seeing on this board that I haven't accomplished yet, is riding horses again. I WILL do this, as soon as Tommy can have a sitter.

I think it's about time to make a new Vision Board. Have you ever made one? If so, did any of your Visions come true? 
Sounds like a fun weekend project. Hope everyone has a great one!

DAILY GRATITUDE: Today I am THANKFUL for Floridas rainy season. My newly planted tree is getting all the water it needs, and I am saving a ton on the water bill. ( :

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LeeLee said...

Beautiful "daily gratitude" love that.