Friday 5

This week flew by! 
Between the baby, the house, and work, I feel like I never get it all done. 
 The heat has arrived here in Florida which has pretty much kept me inside. The only time I care to venture out into that sort of heat is if I'm sitting by a pool or on the beach sipping a fruity cocktail, which I'll be doing in a few more days. Thank God!  Every night when Tommy goes to bed I've been doing a little bit of packing, so I'm not overwhelmed when we just want to get out of here. 3 more days!

(Top L clockwise)
~Salt water Taffy I bought at the Farmers Market. Hated it as a kid, LOVE it as an adult! Reminds me of summer at the beach.
~Coconut Water is my husbands latest obsession. I stock up everytime there's a sale. The stuffs not cheap!
~Tommy's little swimsuit and sunglasses. I can't wait to see him in that swim suit!
~Loving tea beauty nail polish. This shade (Peony Paradise) is perfect for summer!

I shall be lounging on one of those chairs come Monday, rain or shine!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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