Hope everyone had a nice weekend. The weather in Florida has been BEAUTIFUL! Sunny and warm with no humidity. Perfect! I've been slowly but surely getting Tommy's nursery ready, taking him on long walks, and even his first baby playdate. So nice to be around another new mom! Other than that, just trying to keep the house tidy, cooking dinner when I can, and all while trying to catch a cat nap here and there. ( : Check out more of my "lately" pics.

Fresh spring flowers from my husband. Just because!

Since having Tommy my skin has changed. When you're pregnant your skin glows. After the baby comes out it's dull and dry. At least mine was! This organic Brazilian Nut sugar scrub by Tree Hut has saved my lfe! Unlike most sugar scrubs, it's not greasy. My skin feels baby soft and the smell is delicious! 

Thanks to a good friend who introduced me to this delicious quinoa salad, I am on a Quinoa kick! I've been making a batch at the beginning of the week to make yummy salads all week. This salad pictured above is simply quinoa, chopped up carrots and celery 1/2 an avocado and Braggs sesame ginger dressing. Not only does it taste fantastic, it's filling and full of protein!

A "sneak peek" of Tommy's nursery!

Somebody's excited for his afternoon walk with his new sun hat from Aunt Robin!

Have a great week everyone!

Gratitude: Today I am GRATEFUL for coffee. There is nothing better than the smell of a fresh brewed cup of java!


pupbutt said...

Love every bit of this!! So happy you are all doing well! xoxox

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! A new mom and time to blog! Love it!

Ashley said...

loveeee quinoa, especially with avocado! Yum! That body scrub looks awesome!