ATTENTION Friends/Followers

My dear followers/friends. Starting July 1st Google reader is done, over, kaput! If you've been  following Free to be Lea, and I hope you are, PLEASE head over to BLOGLOVIN' to follow me there. Bloglovin' is great! You can check out other blogs too, and if you haven't been following FTBL, what a perfect opportunity to start! Please click HERE! Or click the icon at the top right hand side of my blog. 
Thanks and have a great day!


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Hi! The link doesn't work, can you try posting it again?

Lea said...

Thank you Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Done... you are my first blogger in Bloglovin. I didn.t know it.
Congrats, your baby is so cute, very nice and "ricura" "cosita" like we say in Chile...When my son and daughters were child I put so many posters in their rooms, with positives messages, and it was a very good idea. Today they (3) are excellent persons, with so much love