Special Shower gifts

I am still in awe over the amount of generous baby gifts we received from family and friends for the twins. People literally "showered" us with gifts, and I am STILL getting something in the mail for Tommy on a regular basis! People are so kind and we appreciate it so much. Here are a few gifts that were just "special."

My friend Danielle made this FABULOUS bouquet out of onsies, wash cloths, receiving blankets, socks and swaddlers! It's so beautiful, I don't want to take it apart!

I may be dating myself here, but I LOVED and wore this record out when I was a kid! A sweet friend from NY (thanks Katie) sent Tommy this "Free To Be You and Me" book AND cd. So cool!

The day we brought Tommy home from the hospital, a HUGE box was at our doorstep. What a surprise when we opened it and inside was this big giraffe from Jerry Lewis, wife Sam and daughter Dani. Not only was it perfect timing, it's the perfect gift. Totally out of the box thinking. Love it!

This colorful quilt was made by a sweet lady in her 80's who doesn't even know us! It's gifts like this that remind you there is pure goodness in this world.  
These sterling silver Tiffany rattles were given to me by my mom. I played with these rattles when I was a baby. The heart is engraved with my brothers name "Gavin." I will continue to pass these down to the next generation. So sweet.

If you aren't too young, you will remember making "Mix tapes!" Well, my sister made this awesome mix cd for Tommy. The songs are perfect and the time spent on the cd alone means so much. 

As I said above, we have received so many gifts, and I wish I could post them all! 
Tommy is a lucky boy, and I know his sister is looking down with so much happiness and joy that he is so LOVED. ( : 

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