Easter 2013

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. The weather in Florida was beautiful, so we took advantage of it by having Easter dinner on our back deck in the sunshine. My mother-inlaw made Turkey ham, carmelized carrots, and cabbage, and I made the potatoes (so delish and recipe to come), asparagus and "bunny roles!"

Check it out! I made napkins into bunnies too! It only took me about an hour to figure out! I will blog with the directions in the future.

 Easter basket from my very thoughtful neighbors for Tommy. I have eaten most of it! 

So here's the deal with the "bunnie rolls." I found the idea on Pinterest, but wasen't about to make my own dough! I don't have time for that! I have a baby! So..... I bought those Pillsbury breadsticks from the refridgerated section, took a breadstick, rolled it out a bit, folded it in half, twisted it around twice and saved one breadstick to roll into balls to make the tails. So easy! 
Lets not forget about my "Little bunny!"


Dining Diva said...

What a beautiful Easter! Love your napkins and bunny rolls -very creative. We are going to Florida this week and I cannot wait to soak in the warm sunshine!

lucent imagery said...

Awww what a cute easter bunny! Very happy for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your 3 random facts - they were awesome. I love when you get to know someone and learn their little cute quirks too.