When I first found out I was pregnant, I got advice from all directions telling me what I had to have! Being the minimalist I am, you can imagine, my head was spinning! 
Now that I have my baby home, I am realizing more and more the things that I did not need, and the things I can't live without!
 Everyone is different, but here are MY must haves.    

1. Fisher Price Rock 'N Play SleepereI could not imagine my life without this Little Lamb sleeper! It's the "new" subtitute for a bassinet. It's great for babies who suffer from reflux, because the seat is inclined which keeps the babies head elevated. When Tommy moves it rocks on it's own.
2. Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liner  Being a preemie, Tommy has had some issues with reflux. These bottles are the best! The drop in liner collapses as the baby drinks so the baby takes in less air. LIFESAVER!
3. Boppy The boppy pillow is great for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, propping the baby up, and tummy time and you can buy cute covers that are machine washable.
4. Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Night light This little turtle night light is one of those things I would see in the store, but never think to buy. It was a gift and it's one of my favorite things! The entire room lights up with stars, and shuts itself off after about 45 minutes. 
5. Wubbanub If your baby needs a pacifier but it too little to hold it in, the Wubbanub is the best! My neighbor bought a little blue bear Wubbanub for Tommy. I lay it on his chest and the pacifier stays in place. There are several different animals to choose from.  
6. Medela Quick Clean Sterilizer Bags Here is a product that several mommy friends recommended that rocks! No need for an ugly sterilizer to take up counter space. Throw anything in the bag (bottles, toys, pacifiers) and microwave for a few minutes. To top it off, you can reuse each bag 20 times!
7. O'Douls Sounds crazy, but non alcoholic beer actually helps with milk production! Who knew? So I spend much of my day drinking O'Douls, which makes me feel less deprived of a cocktail because it tastes like real beer. ANY non-alcoholic beer will do the trick. Try it!
8. Aden + Anais Swaddle Wraps I received these swaddle blankets from a great friend. I had never heard of them, but they have become one of my favorite things! They are so soft, come in cute patterns, and are made of breathable cotton muslin which helps reduce the risk of overheating. Perfect for Florida weather. I have the bumble bees, turtles and owls. So cute!
9. Little Tummys Gas Relief Drops Many babies have gas at one time or another, and my baby is no exception. Thankfully his primary nurse from the NICU bought us these gas relief drops. When he is being fussy after a feeding, these usually do the trick. Thank god!
10. Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier My baby loves his pacifier, and in my opinion, soothies are the best! They were used in the NICU and I have stuck to them ever since. BPA free, they are specially designed to ensure natural developement of baby teeth and gums.

Hope this helps any new moms out there. Like I said, everyone finds what works best for them but these 10 things have brought me much happiness. 


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I bookmark every post I see like this these days, thanks for all the insight, I really appreciate it!

Ashley said...

I'm definitely going to share this with some friends that are new moms and moms to be!

Anonymous said...

Love your list! So many great things! So glad Tommy loves his Wubbanub :) I just need to get our little man a Cloud B night light and I'll be all set!
- Karina

Janae said...

Lea- glad a read a little of your blog tonight! I like this post! I have to agree with so many of your choices! The rock n play sleeper made a HUGE difference for us too! They are just so nice and snuggled in it. She slept in that from 3-6 months! And the boppy is awesome! I STILL use mine every day! I didn't know about the O'Douls beer! I don't like beer, but I would be willing to try it to increase milk production! (I've just been taking herbs and have seemed to have a good supply, but it's always been a concern for me...) SO happy you're nursing, isn't it the best? I just love it. And the gas drops! OMG, yes lifesaver! Ok I better stop, this post is getting way too long!

Dining Diva said...

Great list and I'm excited to share it with all of the ladies in my life who have babies on the way! Congrats, by the way~ I'm a new follower and already love you blog!