Baby Shower #2

(Handmade card by my best friend Noel)

I went into labor 2 days after my second baby shower! I know, crazy right? 
Since then life has been so nonstop that I haven't had the chance to share "Baby shower #2!" 
Two of my best girlfriends (Noel and Teresa) threw me the most beautiful and fun baby shower, right here in Orlando.

The gorgeous hosts! (Noel and Teresa)

The Venue: Teresa's amazingly gorgeous house!
The Theme: Lavendar and lime green with owl accents
The weather: Sunshine and blue skies

The Menu: 
Prosecco punch
Spinach artichoke dip 
Caprese skewers
 Waldorf chicken salad and crackers
 Fresh fruit
Salad bar
Candy table

(Clockwise from top L) Marshmallow pops, sheet cake, white chocolate dipped pretzels, cheesecake

Rock candy, coconut cupcakes
(Clockwise from top L) white chocolate & carmel apples, white chocolate covered almonds, raisins, and mints, white chocolate covered oreo's, individual cheesecake pudding shooters.

All the candy on the candy table was made with ♥ by Noel!

The guests were asked to bring a box of diapers in addition to their gift. They received a raffle ticket in exchange for each box of diapers they brought. Then a raffle was drawn for prizes. Such a great idea! I still haven't had to buy a box of diapers yet!

The favors were these adorable mason jars filled with a "Cowboy cookies" recipe. Delish!

It was a beautiful day with many generous gifts for the twins. Thank you to Noel and Teresa for such a special day, and to all my Orlando girls for spending it with me!


lucent imagery said...

Such beautiful women celebrating a beautiful woman! Congrats again. x

Ashley said...

What a pretty shower! I love the owl theme and the party favors (yum!)

Night MARY said...

Wow~ what an incredible spread and lovely party!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the nipples for the mason jars??? I want to do this AT MY FRIEND'S SHOWER. i love that idea!!! email me at