Man Shower

Can I just say, I married into the coolest most thoughtful family! 
My husband flew home to Wisconsin for a visit with his family this week "solo" (being pregnant with twins I am trying to keep my flying to a minimum). His amazing family (sister Robin, Brother-inlaw Mike, Nephew Matt, Matt's wife Heather and his GREAT-nieces Morgan, Brooke and Macy and mom Ginny threw him a "Man Shower!" YES, a baby shower complete with balloons, cupcakes, dinner, and many thoughtful gifts AND gift certificates! ( :

(Yummy cupcakes with light blue and pink baby carriages)

Everyone bought the twins their favorite book they enjoyed as a child. Clever!

I think he had fun! Such a good idea to make the "dad-to-be" feel special.

Thank you to everyone from my second family! We are blessed!
Thank you also to Michael's niece Andrea, husband Sean and Mike's GREAT nephew and niece Owen and Stella who contributed but couldn't be there. ( :


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww your in-laws are so sweet and thoughtful!

Be Inspired said...

Such a sweet idea!!:)

Lucent Imagery said...

He looks so happy! What a wonderfully kind and loving gesture.

Mary Barberio Conrad said...

His expression in the pic with the books is priceless! A great idea. And fun 'goodies' for you and the babies when he got home! Mary