Vero Vaca.....and Birthdays

Do you take a yearly vacation? My husband and I have started a tradition we are going to continue with our kids. We take a trip to Vero Beach every September, even if it's only for 4-5 days. It's just enough to revive your spirits and since we both have September birthdays it extra special! We stay at the same resort every year. We don't sightsee, or do anything touristy because we believe vacations should be about pure relaxation.
We wake up, have a delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant, throw on our bathing suits, walk the beach for a little exercise, and then sit by the pool for the rest of the day having cocktails, snacks and eventually lunch. We swim and get tan. I read magazines, he plays on his ipad. 
It's paradise!

Hotel sent up a little treat, because we arrived on Mikes Birthday!

Plantain chips and grapefruit cocktails. Mine was a virgin of course!


Seafood dinners!

Jake enjoying the view!

This vacation was really special because it was our last without kids! 
We can't wait to make memories with the kids at our little piece of paradise. Do you have any vacation traditions with your family? I'd love to hear. Have a great weekend eveyone!


Anna K. said...

This sounds fantastic!
My husband and I are still in our adventure phase of life - so we run all over the place during our vacations until we collapse on the plane back home! Someday I hope to adopt this true way of vacationing that you've got down so well!!

Happy Birthday to you both!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Looks like a blissful vacation!