Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was spent relaxing and getting rid of stuff to make room for the babies.  SURPRISE, it's a boy and a girl. I mean how did I get so lucky???? My awesome Neighbor karina brought me these adorable mason jars full of mini chocolate chip cookies to congratulate us. So cute!

More weekend surprises.........

Somehow I received this gorgeous coffee table like catalogue from Restoration Hardware in the mail! It's so chic and sits on my coffee table as I write this. I still haven't had time to get all the way through it!

I was surprised to get 6 colorful peppers, 3 tomatoes, a spaghetti squash, european cucumber, loaf of sour dough, spinach artichoke dip and a bag of sesame sticks and raisins (not pictured) from the farmers market for just $13!

Did you know you can now choose your own design for Forever stamps?! Surprise! You can. Just go to the machine at the post office, hit "buy stamps" and it will give you a choice of about 8 different designs. I chose the hearts to give my bill collectors a little love. Not! ( :
Candy corns were NEVER something I chose to eat. But surprise! I just discovered they make caramel candy corns!  Where have I been? This little dish sits on my desk. Yum!
Hope you have a great week full of surprises!

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Nicole Marie said...

hello awesome stamps! way better than the ugly normal ones!