New Digs

Please excuse my absence over the past week, but getting ready for our move to NYC was pretty overwhelming!  I was always a west side girl, so when I found out our "new digs" were on the east side I didn't know what to think. Then I found out the east side was Carrie's stomping ground from "Sex In The City" and I thought...... I can do this! I'm still settling in, but the east side is BEAUTIFUL and I am feeling blessed for this opportunity. This experience is certainly a whole lot different from my earlier days in NY as a struggling dancer!

Jake has had a harder time adjusting. It took a few days for him to realize he could go to the bathroom on the cement. He was completely confused. He was on a constant search for grass! He misses his big grassy backyard, but loves seeing new doggie friends during his walks, and his favorite thing to do is sit on the window sill watching all the New Yorkers. He can sit there for hours!

A nice new addition to NY that wasen't around when I lived here 6 years ago, are the fruit and vegetable stands on every corner! Such a healthy idea! It's fresh and inexpensive, unlike the prices in the grocery store here on the east side. I had to pay $7.99 for a can of cooking spray! Seriously? In Florida the same can is $1.39! Wow!

And finally something I've missed about NY? The beautiful and inexpensive flowers on every corner! These Sunflowers are seriously the size of my head! It's really nice to be back in NY! What's on the agenda next? With Michael in rehearsals all day I'm ready to catch up on Broadway shows and visit with close friends.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Enjoy getting settled in your new/old city!

Lucent Imagery said...

I don't know how I missed this but I didn't know you were moving back to NYC!!! How exciting! I love the idea of Jake sitting in his window watching everyone walk by. My dog loves to people and dog watch and always lies down anywhere so that he can see me and all that is happening around him. Ah so many adventures ahead as you reacquaint yourself with that awesome city. Can't wait to see your photos and thoughts my dear!