La Piscine

Introducing my latest summer drink addiction! 
"La Piscine" meaning "The pool" in French is tré chic! Simply pour Champagne or Processo over ice and you have "La Piscine." 
The tradition of drinking Champagne on ice, is rooted in the French region where Champagne grapes roam free on the vine and summer temperatures run tré chaud (very HOT)! Popping a few ice cubes in a glass of Champagne was born poolside by grape-growers, and voila, bubbly was given the cocktail treatment!
It's clean, refreshing and the ice actually keeps it from going to your head too fast. Try it! 


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

sounds glorious!

Anonymous said...

Tres chic! Ice cold champagne. Love it. :)


Teresa said...

Ohhh I'll keep that term in my back pocket! I love drinking white wine and champagne over ice but people always give me the evil eye. I'll just tell them, it's a Piscine!