Kate Moss' Lipstick


Apparently I have been living underneath a rock because I had NO IDEA Kate Moss put out a lipstick collection for RIMMEL LONDON cosmetics!
I mean where have I been? When I discoved this,  I immediately headed to Walgreens to choose a shade to test. Well..... at just $4.99 a pop, I chose three!
When I found the RIMMEL display, I was pleased to see there were only a choice of 5 colors. Perfect! I hate making decisions so this "less is more" approach was right on target for me!
The packaging is a simple black tube with Kate's signature in red. A cute touch! The lipsticks don't have names just numbers (kinda a bummer). I chose #1, #8 and #14. 
Photo:L. Andrew
#1 is a RED
#8 is a DUSTY ROSE
#14 is a NUDE

To start with, I LOVE the smell of these lipsticks! The smell is like a "bowl of cherries," (literally) which is much better than the typical waxy, plastic or perfumie smell. The lipstick goes on smooth with a semi-matte finish. 
Out of the three shades, I prefer #8 for everyday. It's the perfect natural PINK.  
#14 is a nice NUDE, but it seemed to wash me out. I think it would be a better for someone with an olive  complexion.
#1 is the PERFECT RED! I've been looking for the "perfect red" for a while so I was beyond thrilled!  I am now anxious to try the rest. I heard there are seven shades in total. There is a coral color I have my eye on.
Check them out! At just $4.99 (available at most drugstores) you'd be crazy not to!


Bravoe Runway said...

I have a coupon from rimmell for this particular line of lipsticks from kate! Unfortunately I cannot find it at my local walgreens and will have to venture to different locations. It's a hot item...now I get it.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

ooooh. I didn't know Kate Moss has a lipstick collection for Rimmel. I must must must check it out. =)

Shelly {Quiet Luxury} said...

WOW. Just based on the fragrance description I want to try these! :) I'm always so nervous wearing red... it never looks right on me.


Nicole Marie said...

woah so cheap! totally buying these!

Fashion art and other fancies said...

I love a spot of Red lipcolour, too.

All Glam Things said...

Love it! So Juicy. lately, I've been wearing a lot of red lips out, and I get a great feedback. RED is In!)