Iconic Java

I lived in New York City for almost 8 years and it's definitely the BEST city in the world! 
I love living in Florida but there are many things I miss about "The city that NEVER sleeps!"
Broadway Shows
Incredible shopping
Fabulous restaurants
 Art and Culture
 Getting a slice of pizza from Ray's at 3am was also a treat!
Everything is certainly at your fingertips.
One of the things I miss most about New York is the coffee, and I'm NOT talking about having a Starbucks on every corner! I'm talking about that delicous NY coffee in that iconic Greek paper coffee cup. You can pick it up for a buck, 24 hours a day, at any deli or street cart. It's the BEST coffee in the world! It must be that NY water!
I recently saw HERE that you can by a ceramic version of that iconic coffee cup! SOLD!
Now I feel like I have a little piece of NYC right in my own Florida home every morning! Happy Hump Day everyone!


Sienna said...

totally agree...nyc is the best city in the world! i lived there for 6 months and am moving back in august to go to NYU...SO excited!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I love New York, there's no where quite like it!