Floating Flowers

I LOVE having fresh flowers around my house. I usually buy a bunch at the beginning of each week, but it can get expensive, and I swear I'll never go fake! Solution? Float your flowers. Take any bowl or vase, fill with water, cut the stem off a flower, and float for a SIMPLE, chic, and inexpensive way to have fresh flowers all over the house!

I bought this bunch of daisies for $3.99! Daisies work really well. So do gerber daisies which come in a large array of beautiful bold summer colors. 
You can group them or float them alone. My first photo is a large glass salad bowl, filled with water daisies and green leaves from my front yard. Adding a bit of green brings in some nice color.
Group single floating flowers for a simple centerpiece! Add floating candles, be creative!


Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks said...

So pretty and calming! xo

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I love gerber daisies - such happy flowers!

Sara Debrock said...

When you float them how long do the flowers last? I plan on doing this for my party but I was wondering if I could do them the day before the party? I was scared the flowers would be dead the next day :)

Lea said...

Hi Sarah,
Definitely do it the day before. They last FOREVER! It's amazing and so pretty. Have fun!