Feeling Beachy

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Our house was busy per usual! My husband and I spent our weekend dancing. YES dancing! We're getting him ready for his upcoming show this summer in Nashville, but we did manage to relax a bit too! 
I came across the photo above, and started feeling a bit "Beachy." Meaning........ I am longing for a beach trip!
My husband and I made and agreement that every year we'll take a trip to a beach for a few days just to relax and unwind. We usually do our trip in the fall, but I am ready NOW! 

There is something about that salty sea air that does wonders for your hair, doesn't it?? If you want it on  a regular basis, THIS PRODUCT is great!

I am loving the new crocheted beach cover ups. I just bought one in turquoise!

Don't forget the PERFECT floppy beach hat. I've had the same one for 12 years! A beach hat is  important to keep those dangerous rays off your face! I've had my fair share of damaging sun rays working on cruiseships. I'm not messing with the sun anymore!

Forget about lugging around a beach chair! Grab a cool boho chic blanket!

One of BIGGEST dreams is to take a HUGE beach trip with my immediate and extended family. I am going to make it happen someday, and in my dreams this is how we're dining!

Then ending it all with a beautiful beach sunset!
What is your favorite thing about the beach and what is your favorite beach to visit? I'd love to hear!


All Glam Things said...

Such a beautiful Inspiration! I wanna go to the beach now!))



Anonymous said...

I enjoy so much about the beach! The sounds (seagulls, crashing waves), smells (the salty air and suntan lotion) and the yummy summer time food I enjoy on the beach (popsicles and hotdogs!). You have me wanting to plan a trip.


Lucent Imagery said...

Love the family gathering dream! I tend to go to the beach more in winter. Have already been in these last days of autumn. I like walking along, taking photos and laying on nearby grass with my head in the shade and my legs poking out into the sun! Have shared a wonderful day watching waves with my gran this week. Precious time.

Kathleen Lisson said...

I like that you have hat a beach hat for that many years! The photo of the tables on the beach is so amazing - it's on my pinterest board now!