Tulips, Jelly Beans and Colored Eggs

Candy Dish from one of my very BEST friends. Thanks Keith!

Did everyone have a nice Easter weekend?
Ours was pretty busy. We ventured out 2 nights in a row (this is HUGE for us) to see showbiz friends perform, and the rest of the time did yoga, cooked, watched movies and colored eggs. I feel so lucky to have a husband who actually enjoys coloring eggs, and he is very artistic when it comes to coloring them!

I love this egg Michael made. So "Springtime!"

Coloring eggs and drinking wine = A PERFECT Easter Sunday!

Our "Hippie Chic" eggs!

Easter Dinner Menu
Roast Chicken with herbs
Smashed red potatoes
Blush Vino!

Bunny cakes and Java

I even baked! Well..... with a little help from Duncan Hines. Cute huh?
I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.
Here's to a great week!


Alek said...

Hi there - I just wanted to let you know how awesome your blog is and to keep up the good work. I came across it while looking up information on the Enzian and started browsing.

I am relatively new to Florida, so your tips on things around town is awesome. I have been searching for the exact type of indie places you recommend.

Keep up the work :)

Lucent Imagery said...

Oh how awesome! Glad you had a great weekend my dear. That springtime egg is so so pretty! All your eggs look so colourful and "spring" like. Hope J had a great weekend with you both too. xx

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

love the hippie chic easter eggs!

pilar ruz dours said...

I enjoy your blog!!! I read it in one hour!!! It,s amazing.
Hug from Chile. Pilar

Lea said...

Wow! Thank you Pilar. Glad you enjoyed it! Do you have a blog????? I would love to check it out!