Five Things

{Beautiful Calla Lillies from my beautiful neighbor}

This week was busy per usual! Tons of appointments, work, and dancing. I did manage to have a nice morning coffee with my neighbor. Usually we do wine, but it was nice to have coffee, sitting in the sun on a breezy Florida day. I need to do stuff like that more often!
I also decided to spend a day in bed (working of course) with my laptop, coffee, a cranberry orange scone and my pup. I worked while catching up on reality tv! Yes, I said it!!!! Here are a few more things that kept me going through the week.

{Goodies from my awesome "Singing in the Rain" kids. Caramel popcorn and 2 different kinds of homemade toffee}

{Jennifer Aniston perfume. Did you really think I wouldn't buy it? Smells sooooo beachy and clean}

{Waldorf chicken salad with chopsticks}

{Latest FREE Victoria's Secret "cheeky panties"}


Night MARY said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! It's not only what you say, but the look of it that is so enjoyable~~and the photography is fantastic!! Thanks! M

Lea said...

That is so sweet. Thank you Mary. ( :

Anonymous said...

So glad you love the flowers! Morning coffee was great, lets do it more! :)
Ooohh! Jennifer's perfume sounds awesome, of course you would have it! :)
Can't wait to go pick up my free VS panties!
- Karina