I haven't done my "Wednesday Wisdom" in a while. I just felt like every time I turned around someone was posting a quote on Facebook and I was on inspiration overload! 
 But...... when I come across something that really has meaning to me, I feel like I should share it. So "Wednesday Wisdom" is back!
ENERGY is a very powerful thing. It's amazing how in an instant the whole mood can change because of someones positive or negative energy.
Pay very close attention to people and their energy, especially when you first meet them. I immediately know who I am going to surround myself with by the energy I feel from someone. 
 My life is going to be going through a lot of changes this year. Exciting changes, but sometimes challenging changes and I've been focusing on my energy and how it affects just about everything! I remind myself everyday to put out the best possible energy because positive energy always brings positive things into your life.
Simple as that!
Have a good energy day!

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Lucent Imagery said...

Totally agree with you. People and places. I walked into a new job for orientation at the head office and immediately felt this overpowering feeling that everyone was unhappy in there. It didn't take long working there for me to realise it was true. When it made me miserable and incredibly stressed in the job I had to resign. But with people too, I find it so exhausting to be around people with negative energy and find myself avoiding contact or completely removing myself if i can. These changes all sound very intriguing! Sending you hugs.