Cigar Boxes

You know those annoying little things you can't throw out, but don't know where to keep? 
Cigar boxes are the perfect solution.
I started collecting cigar boxes in 1996 when an "Elvis" impersonator I did a show with gave me a few. He smoked cigars and had a bunch of boxes left over so he passed them out. 
I've been picking them up "here and there," since. The purple one above is a gift from my husband.
They battle small clutter and all end up having their own little story.
When I met my husband years later, I discovered he does the same thing with cigar boxes! I know...... we are meant for each other right? He uses his for power cords, business cards, change, you name it!
We even have one on our kitchen counter for keys. 

What clever place (besides a junk drawer) do you hide little things?

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